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Reusable Milk Bag


Our custom made milk bag 

The perfect shape and easy to wash and reuse over and over again 

Includes shipping Aus Wide !! 


Post out 31st January 2019 ~ pre order now 

What is a nut milk bag?

Let me explain…

A nut milk bag is basically a specially shaped fabric bag, that you strain your blended raw almond milk through, to remove any pulp or fibre that remains.

You don’t have to strain your nut milk, and some people do like to just blend and use their raw milk unstrained, but straining does have some useful benefits:

  • It makes your milk a lot smoother and creamier, taking away the slightly grainy texture
  • It helps your nut milk to resemble dairy milks more closely, which can make it easier to accept for some people
  • It gives you leftover almond pulp meal, that you can use to make all kind of delicious things, including raw chocolate fudge brownies and raw hummus

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