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NEW mixed Family Pack


A mix of full length sizes in juice and smoothie thickness

~ includes:

1 x Straw cleaner 

10 x Straws 

Includes standard shipping within AU  


* Made from 100% natural bamboo

* Naturally anti-microbal

* 100% compostable

* Safe for Children

These are the most natural reusable drinking straws on the planet. Made by hand in Bali from 100% bamboo & nothing else, the bamboo is cut to length and the edges are smoothed for a pleasant drinking experience.

Each straw is unique, a slightly different shade and diameter and at the end of their life, they are 100% compostable. There is zero plastic in the packaging of this product, making them zero waste and eco friendly.

Bamboo is natrally anti-microbial and in clinical trials, kills over 70% of bacteria. To clean your straws, simply rinse and dry. For the longest life, use, rinse & dry. Don't leave bamboo soaking in washing water for extended periods of time



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