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New Kids mixed family pack


Perfect size for toddlers, kids and teens 

Approx 15cm long 

Pack Includes

10 x mixed smoothie and juice sizes 

1 x straw cleaner 



* Made from 100% natural bamboo
* Naturally anti-microbal
* 100% compostable
* Safe for Children

These are the most natural reusable drinking straws on the planet. Made by hand in Bali from 100% bamboo & nothing else, the bamboo is cut to length and the edges are smoothed for a pleasant drinking experience.
Each straw is unique, a slightly different shade and diameter and at the end of their life, they are 100% compostable. There is zero plastic in the packaging of this product, making them zero waste and eco friendly.
Bamboo is natrally anti-microbial and in clinical trials, kills over 70% of bacteria. To clean your straws, simply rinse and dry. For the longest life, use, rinse & dry. Don't leave bamboo soaking in washing water for extended periods of time✨

Bamboo - for the Earth, and Your Kitchen

With nearly 500 million plastic drinking straws being thrown into landfills every year, bamboo straws are a smart, green alternative to keep in your home.
In addition to being better for our planet, reusable straws will save you money in the long run.   And since they’re easy to clean (just warm water and the brush that comes with our sets) you’ll be more likely to keep using them every day, instead of turning back to disposables.
By choosing the right straw for the type of beverages you usually drink and the size of the glass you drink it out of, you’ll find these straws a useful kitchen tool that’s good for the environment, healthier for your body, and that looks fun and festive, too.  

For health and food safety reasons, there are no returns. Should you have any concerns regarding your product, please contact us! We are committed to providing you with a quality product that you will continue to use for many years.
Please note, each item is inspected for quality before shipment. As a handmade item, each item will be unique and naturally beautiful.

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