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Bamboo cooking utensils set of 4


This beautiful set of 3 cooking utensils is made from 100% natural bamboo 

After spending considerable time choosing and preparing nutritious food for our families, it can be pretty frustrating to learn that the products we are using to cook, bake, eat and store food with may actually put our families’ health at risk.  Materials such as Teflon, BPA, lead, aluminum, phthalates, and melamine are commonly found in everyday kitchenware products yet have been tied to disturbing health issues. 
Avoid plastic utensils and accessories when cooking as these can melt or flake with extreme heat or wear down over time potentially causing chemicals to migrate into food.
Bamboo is the perfect alternative, it provides you with chemical free cooking and it’s completely compostable at the end of use. Our New set of 3 cooking utensils is the perfect way to save your family and the environment ✨

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